iPhones are high on the list of almost everyone’s digital must-haves so iPhone insurance is important. Beyond the iconic design they are immensely valuable lifestyle tools. Our phone insurance can cover iPhone 7, iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and lots of other Apple models too. With the myriad of functions Apple phones have to offer, potential loss or damage to your device can have implications way beyond the cost of repair or replacement. That’s why it’s worth taking a close look at some common risks and issues which could harm your iPhone and find out more about how iPhone insurance cover can protect you.

iPhone Theft Insurance

It’s an unfortunate fact that iPhones are still the most commonly stolen mobile phones in the UK. Last year alone we estimate that there were 176,400 iPhone thefts in the UK. iPhone insurance will cover theft risks, though it will also be important to demonstrate that you have taken reasonable steps to safeguard property. Most insurers take a common-sense view, but its still unlikely that you will be covered if an iPhone is stolen because it was left on view and unattended in a public place.

Accidental Damage Cover

Statistics show that, at any moment in time, around 25% of all iPhones will have screen damage, and up to 30% of iPhone insurance claims relate to phones which have suffered accidental damage. A dropped phone can sometimes result in serious damage, and iPhone screens can easily develop cracks. Whether you’ve got a brand spanking new iPhone 7 or older models like the iPhone 5s you can be covered for the cost of repair or replacement if either of these problems should occur. However, any minor dents, scratches or wear and tear causing only cosmetic damage but not affecting any iPhone functions would not usually be covered. Its always important for owners to take reasonable care of their phones and we recommend investing in a robust cover, case or dedicated phone pocket when travelling with your phone.

Insure Against Water Damage

iPhones can be severely damaged through splashes, contact with liquids and immersion in water. Provided this type of event is not caused by extreme negligence – for instance, jumping into a swimming pool while holding your iPhone – mobile phone insurance will cover you against such risks and meet the cost of repair or replacement.

Malfunction and Device Breakdowns

The best iPhone insurance should cover you if your phone suffers from broken buttons, a cracked headphone jack socket, a faulty or even blank display screen, poor camera function, battery charging issues or similar types of malfunction. Many people might take these issues for granted because these can also be protected by the Apple iPhone warranty. However, if your warrantee has expired you should also be able to claim for the cost of these under your phone insurance.

Worldwide Phone Insurance

Apple insurance can also cover you while you are travelling or on holiday anywhere in the world. This cover is often available for a limited period each year – typically 90 days. Its important to know that any repairs or replacement parts required to meet your claim would not normally be sent to an address outside the UK.

Claims For Unauthorised Third-Party Use

If your iPhone is used by anyone acting without your knowledge or permission, for instance to download material or malicious software, send text messages or run up unauthorised call costs, these expenses can be reclaimed under your insurance policy.

Cover Apple and iPhone Accessories

If any of your accessories are also lost, stolen or damaged along with your iPhone, your insurance policy will cover the cost of replacing these items.

When taking out iPhone insurance it is important to have a clear understanding of what your requirements are and what will be the best insurance for you. For example, some policies may offer worldwide cover for 60 days while another provides 90 days. Additionally, some insurers cannot provide policies for any iPhone more than six months old.

Insurance can be complicated but at Mobile Insure we aim to make our insurance simple to understand and our cover clear. For more information, get an iPhone insurance quote or visit our policies page.