How To Keep Your iPhone Screen Clean

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Apple design iPhones to look beautiful, with light, bright colours for the cases and shiny screens that are a pleasure to swipe. However, if you are a fan of Apple you’ll probably also be all too aware how easily these screens also show up any dirt, dust and fingerprints. The screens of iPhones have an oil-repellent or oleophobic coating: to keep your screen functioning correctly, it is important to keep it clean. But how should you clean your screen without causing any damage? Here’s some of our top tips that will help to keep your iPhone in pristine condition, with a display screen that shines and sparkles like new.

Dirty IPhone Screen


The correct way to clean an iPhone screen

  • Disconnect your iPhone from your power supply and shut it down: if you try to clean the screen while the device is turned on, you can cause permanent damage. If you are not sure how to shut down your iPhone, just hold down the sleep – wake button and then swipe “slide to power off switch”.
  • Use a lint-free micro fibre cloth to gently clean the screen – your iPhone may have come with its own cleaning cloth and this is ideal, or you could use a glasses cleaning cloth. Remove fingerprints by wiping from top to bottom and remove any spots with a firm but gentle circular motion – don’t press too hard or you may remove some of the screen’s special coating.
  • If there are any stubborn sticky spots, just moisten the cloth with a few drops of water, squeeze it almost dry and use the barely damp cloth to wipe the grime away. You could also try an ammonia-free cleaner designed specially to restore the sparkle to iPhone and iPad screens. Do not over-wet the screen: avoid touching the ports with the damp cloth as water can cause permanent damage to your iPhone.

Things to avoid when cleaning your iPhone

  • Avoid paper towels, tissue paper and dishcloths as these materials are all abrasive and can scratch your screen
  • Don’t use any chemicals on your iPhone screen; Windex and similar cleaners contain ammonia which is too harsh. Cleaners that are designed for LCD screens are too abrasive and will shorten the life of your device by removing the oleophobic coating.
  • Natural substances such as vinegar and lemon juice are equally damaging.
  • Don’t allow spills to dry: if you should happen to spill coffee or cola onto your screen, gently wipe them up immediately using a microfibre cloth as if a spill dries, it may be difficult to remove later on.
  • Never immerse your iPhone in water – this may well cause irreparable damage

However carefully you look after your iPhone, accidents do occur and should you damage or lose your device it can be expensive to replace. For peace of mind, we recommend that you take out iPhone insurance that will cover you for loss, theft and damage.

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