A Look At The Most Talked About Rumours Surrounding iPhone 7 Features

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With only two days until Apples special event, rumours are speculating around which products are likely to be unveiled and what new features these gadgets have to offer. With new iPhone models being released every September for the last four years, it looks as though the unveiling of the new iPhone will steal the show this Wednesday. Here is a list of all the most significant predicted features circulating the internet.

iPhone7 features

Removal of headphone jack

A widely talked about rumour is the removal of the classic 3.5mm headphone jack which has featured since the iPhones first model. This change will see wired headphones connecting to the new device through the lightning port. This change would open other opportunities which may feature such as a thinner body, a new speaker system and improved water resistance.

Water resistance

KGI securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who is regarded for accurate iPhone predictions has recently released a report on the iPhone model pointing to the new device being water resistant. It was stated that the new handset may come with an improved IPX7 which would result in a devise suitable for any water contact up to submerging the device in water to a depth of one meter.

Dual camera

The new model looks to be the first to include a dual camera system. Recent rumours exhibit this feature as an elongated camera body on the back with two lenses. Not much information has been released as to the use of these two cameras however some ideas point to improved performance in low light for brighter, more detailed photos and better zoom functions. This dual camera feature is likely to be exclusive to the larger plus model.

Force touch home button

Force touch was a major new design feature for the 6s. However recent rumours point to Apple taking this technology further in the iPhone by incorporating it into the iconic home button, making it pressure sensitive without depressing into the phone. This technology has already been incorporated into apples latest force touch trackpads on the new MacBook notebook and MacBook pro models.

Other rumours indicate there may be a new colour option introduced dubbed ‘space black’, however it is still unsure whether this will join ‘space grey’ or replace it. The 16GB option is rumoured to be dropped and 32GB to replace it as the lowest memory option. This change could see an increase in the price of the cheapest option. Because the latest handset is expected to offer smaller changes, rather than a radical re-design, many rumours suggest the new device will be named the iPhone 6 SE rather than the iPhone 7 which may be saved for next years, 10 year anniversary release.

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