Fears For Samsung As Cases Appear For Their Galaxy Note 7 Catching Fire

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When Apple’s iPhone 6 first appeared on the market, outrage spread as over 180 complaints about the new device bending appeared in the media. Now Samsung are experiencing similar negative publicity as 35 cases of its new high end galaxy note 7 smartphone catching fire have appeared after only 2 weeks from its launch.

The tech giant confirmed at a press briefing in Seoul at 9.00 (BST) this morning, that the route of the problem sparked from faulty battery cells in several Galaxy note 7 handsets which ignited whilst the device was being charged. A galaxy spokesman said “we are currently conducting a thorough inspection with our suppliers to identify possible affected batteries in the market, however because our customer’s safety is an absolute priority at Samsung, we have stopped sales of the Galaxy note 7.” Samsung have announced they will voluntarily offer replacement devices for anyone who already owns a galaxy 7 of which 2.5 million have been manufactured and 1 million sold. Samsung and its battery suppliers are already engaging in rigorous analysis to identify battery products with a chance of being defective, however they have forecasted it is likely to take up to 2 weeks to secure parts, components and manufacturer new products ready for the replacements to be issued.

Although only 35 affected devices were registered at Samsung service centres globally, totalling 24 units on a scale of 1 million, it has already been forecasted that the financial damage caused by this major fault has knocked $7 billion of the corporation’s market value. The blow could not have come at a worse time with the tech giant counting on their new flagship devise to maintain its strong mobile phone market share as they are likely to soon face fierce competition from Apples new iPhone, expected to be unveiled next week.

How can I avoid my smartphone exploding?

Unfortunately, as of yet no information has been released regarding the exact reason for the fault within the battery and therefore it is recommended those who have purchased the new device to hold from using them and wait for the replacements to be issued. However, in general it is advised when charging a smartphone to only use the charger issued with the device. There have been a number of reported cases of cheap alternatives purchased from sites such as Ebay or Amazon catching on fire. It is also advised to charge your phone on a cool, hard, flat service out of direct sunlight and not covered by any objects.

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