Cheap insurance for Sony Xperia

Mobile phones are an increasingly important part of everyday life for the majority of people across the UK. A recent study revealed that adults check their smartphones approximately nine times each hour. Yet a staggering 72.9 percent of adults do not have insurance policies for these rather vulnerable possessions that have become so vital for the smooth running of our lives. Most smartphones, such as the Sony Xperia Z, come with a warranty for a specified period, but taking out full and comprehensive Sony mobile phone insurance is highly recommended for a number of reasons.

Many people are put off buying Sony phone insurance because of the prevailing belief that the premiums are too high and it is simply not worth it. Not having the right Xperia Z insurance, however, could prove to be far more costly in the long run, particularly if your phone is still under contract. Taking out adequate Xperia insurance means that you can avoid the unpleasant but surprisingly common situation of having to continue to make monthly payments for a phone that doesn’t work or has been stolen.

The Xperia Z is one of Sony’s flagship phones and, since its launch in 2013, has won approval and consistently high ratings from a number of independent review sites. The Android phone is known for its excellent usability and specifications and continues to be highly popular amongst users. With this in mind, getting the right Sony Xperia Z cover should always be a priority.

Accidental Damage

Phones are small and can be damaged very easily – from toddlers getting hold of them and launching them across the room, to adults dropping them on the ground. Sony mobile phone insurance will cover you as long as you have visible evidence of an external force damaging your phone to such an extent that it is unusable.

Mechanical Breakdown

This covers the unexpected breakdown of any internal or external component of the Sony Xperia handset which prevents it from being in full working order and requires repair or replacement. You can’t put a price on your peace of mind, and, fortunately, the monthly premiums are often very reasonable.

Liquid Damage

A good mobile phone insurance policy will cover your Sony Xperia if it’s damaged after coming into contact with any liquid – from milk to petrol.

Screen damage

A shattered screen often affects the functionality of your phone so taking out Sony Xperia cover is essentials as insurers report that cracked screens account for more than fifty percent of all phone insurance claims.


Having your mobile phone stolen is always an upsetting and traumatic experience. Luckily, most mobile phone insurance policies offer cover against theft, with some policies even including unauthorised usage of up to £1,000. To make the claim, you will need to first report the crime to the police to get a crime reference number.


Mobile phone insurance will protect you if your phone has been accidentally left in a known location and you are permanently deprived of its use. If you lose your phone, you should inform your provider straight away. Always make a note of the internal serial/ identification number so that you can promptly report it to the police – if anyone else finds it, this will stop them from being able to use it to make expensive calls. Having mobile phone insurance is, however, absolutely essential, especially if you are travelling abroad.

Make sure that your Sony Xperia is fully insured today. Can you afford not to?