The modern tablet is known for its ease of use and an unparalleled sense of versatility. As these gadgets can cost well into the hundreds of pounds, any device is a very real investment. This is the primary importance of a tablet insurance plan. Let us take a look at these packages in a bit more detail.

Why Insurance for Tablets is so Important

As tablets are portable, they are likely to be used when out and about. This naturally increases the risk of theft, loss or accidental damage. If no policy is in place, the individual will need to spend a great deal of money to purchase a new unit. Tablet insurance provides specific levels of financial protection so that a new device can be purchased (or an existing unit can be repaired) with little delay. The monthly premiums are generally quite amenable, so they are well worth the commitment in order to enjoy a greater peace of mind.

The Key Points of Tablet Insurance Cover

As with any policy, insurance for tablets will vary depending upon the provider. Still, the basic areas which are covered include:

  • Theft
  • Accidental damage (such as an immersion in water or if the tablet is dropped)
  • A fire or a power surge
  • Any defects in manufacture

Much like laptop insurance, there are a few instances which tend to be excluded from a standard policy. For example, viruses are generally not options within tablet insurance. Normal wear and tear (such as the touchscreen failing to respond) are also not covered. There can be cases when the addition of software may void the policy and should a third-party technician physically access the tablet to diagnose a problem, it is likely that the policy will not provide remuneration.

Options, Additions and Things to Consider

It is wise to match the worth of the laptop together with the type of tablet insurance cover. More expensive units or those that contain very important information should be insured for higher amounts. Some other factors which should be analysed when choosing a specific plan are:

  • The length of the policy
  • The deductible that needs to be paid in order to activate the package
  • The types of losses covered
  • The proof required to file a claim
  • How any repairs or replacements are handled

Finally, make sure that only the most reputable providers are selected. These can be found by using third-party comparison websites.

A tablet is certainly a valuable device and it is therefore wise to spend some time determining which tablet insurance policy makes the most sense.