As Kindles become ever more important for our leisure and business activities it’s increasingly important to make sure that you have the right gadget insurance. The tablet, and the Amazon Kindle – a tablet hybrid – is a market-leading e-reader primarily designed for downloading and reading e-books which also offers a range of standard tablet applications and personal-computing functions. Whilst this makes the Kindle range not only portable but ultra-convenient, they are still prone to the same risk of loss, damage or theft as the Fire Phone, their distinctive smartphone cousin. Therefore it’s wise to consider how ebook insurance could help protect your Kindle device against some common hazards.

Kindle Insurance

Theft of Kindle Devices

The continuing rise in tablet ownership means Kindle users and others now face similar risks as phone users. Tablet insurance can protect against such occurrences – though as with all theft insurance, the owner would be expected to demonstrate reasonable care. For instance, though an opportunist ‘snatch’ theft would be covered, common sense suggests that a tablet disappearing from an unlocked, unattended car might be more problematic.

Kindle Screen Damage Insurance

The portable advantages of amazon Kindle tablets can unfortunately easily lead to drops and damage whilst travelling. One of the most common types of claim is screen damage which is something which Kindle insurance can cover. This insurance will make sure that you are cover for intricate repairs which can be costly to complete.

Water Damage Insurance

Contact with liquids can cause serious damage to electronic devices. Even splashing and exposure to moist atmospheres can result in defects and breakdowns, and heavy spillages or accidental water immersion may leave your kindle beyond repair. Our Kindle insurance is here to cover such unfortunate events by providing a repair or replacement as appropriate.

Kindle Device Breakdowns and Failures

Kindles are also vulnerable to technical failures such as broken switches, damage to audio sockets, screen malfunctions, poor battery performance or camera defects. Where any of these events are not covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, the cost of renovation or a suitable replacement can be met by kindle insurance.

Kindle Travel Insurance

Our flexible cover options also mean that our eBook insurance will also cover your Kindle device when you are on holiday abroad. Its really important to be aware of the type of cover you have selected as typically kindle insurance is limited to 90 days in any one year. Additionally, repaired devices or replacement parts can only be shipped to a UK address.